Tethis exploits gas-phase technologies for production of nanomaterials and their integration into devices.

The focus is both on nanostructured thin films deposition and nanoparticles synthesis.

Thin film

Thin film deposition is obtained by means of Supersonic Cluster Beam Deposition (SCBD), an advanced technique for the production of porous coating through the in vacuum assembling of nanoparticles over a substrate.
This revolutionary coating solution can
 find application in a broad range of sectors, which span from gas sensing to biotechnology. Currently, SCBD technology is exploited for internal R&D only.


Nanoparticles synthesis

Nanoparticles synthesis is obtained by a flame spray process, which allows the production of a broad range of different nanomaterials (metal-oxides, phosphates, carbonates, noble metals) that form in a high temperature oxidizing environment. A wide range of applications can be found for nanoparticles from catalysis to electronics, from fuel cells to batteries, and also for composite materials (e.g. ceramics) or optics.