NanoPowder Synthesizer nps10™ is a turnkey bench-top flame spray pyrolysis (FSP) unit for nanoparticle synthesis at the research and early product development level. nps10™ has been designed for fast screening of the broad parameter space of material compositions and process conditions available in FSP synthesis to speed up nanomaterial development.

Nps10™ allows the production of a broad range of nanomaterials without major process changes or adjustments, including simple metal oxides (for example SiO2, TiO2 Al2O3), complex oxides (YSZ, CGO, ITO), carbonates, phosphates, titanates, noble metals, as well as nanocomposites (for example alumina-supported Pt), with a particle sizes of the order of 10 nm..

The innovative materials produced with nps10™ can be used in different application area such as:

  • catalysis

  • polymeric additivation

  • biomedical

    (antibacterial action)

  • energy

    (batteries, hydrogen storage, fuell cells)



  • .

    compact and user friendly design

  • .

    fully automatic system

  • .

    easy to assemble

  • .

    easy to clean

  • .

    simple and intuitive software

  • .

    fully controlled by automated safety devices